Review: The Magick of Food

Review: The Magick of Food February 5, 2020

Gwion Raven - The Magick of Food: Rituals, Offerings & Why We Eat Together

Gwion Raven’s The Magick of Food: Rituals, Offerings & Why We Eat Together is absolutely delicious. Gwion explores the history of the relationship between food and magick starting in ancient Sumer and leading up to the modern rituals of food that we may not even realize are rituals. While the book may look like it’s another kitchen witch recipe and spellbook (though it does definitely have both), it’s so much more than that. Gwion approaches food in a manner that reminds me of how Zen monks discuss the mindfulness of eating and cooking, to make it a full sensory and mindful experience. 

In, The Magick of FoodGwion approaches magick through an everyday process that is required for living as a human being—preparing and eating food. Since we have to eat to exist, we might as well transform it into magick, right? Gwion shows how preparing and cooking food can connect a person to magick in a concrete and tangible way—whether that’s working a food spell, performing a devotional food ritual or just simply being mindful of the process of transformation and creation involved in cooking. Most of all, Gwion explores how food has always acted as a method of fellowship and connection with other people. Through Gwion’s guidance, public rituals, coven meetings, or private ceremonies can be really enhanced—including eating alone. I also absolutely loved that he included a section on food as aphrodisiacs. 

Gwion’s writing style in The Magick of Food is approachable, informative, and casual. It’s like having a really good conversation with a friend where you learn a lot. If you eat food and perform magick, you definitely don’t want to miss this book. You will find completely unique and creative ways to re-enchant your relationship with food and magick. This is a book to be savored. 


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