The Greatest Offering To A Deity

The Greatest Offering To A Deity August 3, 2020
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For those who work with deities; in my opinion and experience food, libations, candles, and incense smoke are not the most powerful offerings you can give to a deity. The most powerful offerings you can make to a deity are acts that change the world for the better in their name. I’m not saying this is a sole replacement for “traditional offerings”, but rather an immensely strong supplement to them.
By examining a deity, their mythology, and symbols you can uncover things that are considered sacred to them and either volunteer or donate to groups that assist them. For those who have been following me for years, you know that Hekate is the goddess I honor above all.
So I will use Her as an example of things I donate to or volunteer for:
  • Dogs are one of the most long standing sacred images of Hekate throughout history in different cultures. So groups that help or work with dogs, particulary abused ones.
  • In ancient times offerings were left at crossroads for Hekate and Her hounds. These offerings were eaten by the starving homeless, a taboo back then, which was seen as acceptable in this case. This later led to identification of her providing for the homeless. So food banks and groups that work with the homeless.
  • Hekate was among the goddesses (such as Cybele, Diana and Artemis) who had trans women for priestesses. Therefore groups that help the queer community, particularly homeless trans youth.
  •  In mythology Hekate helps Demeter find her abducted daughter. So groups that center around missing or abused children and/or women.
When making a donation, there’s almost always a place for a note. I will write “For Hekate” or sometimes I will put “Hekate” as the donor’s name. If volunteering, I will say a prayer to Her stating that I’m performing this in her honor without complaint.
Meditate on ways you can help create change in the world that honor aspects that the deity finds sacred. I promise that its much more powerful of a gesture of offering than a glass of wine. You will most likely find a stronger connection to your deity growing and greater results in your magick and petitions involving them.

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