Review: The Book of Candle Magic

Review: The Book of Candle Magic October 11, 2020

The Book of Candle Magic: Candle Spell Secrets to Change Your Life by Madame Pamita

Not only is The Book of Candle Magic: Candle Spell Secrets to Change Your Life by Madame Pamita an aesthetically pleasing hardcover book, but the contents of the book itself is exceptional. Drawing from her experience and knowledge of various magickal system, she synthesizes them into a powerful approach that is sure to level up your own candle magick. There is so much packed into this little book and in my personal opinion blows the “classic” books on candle magick out of the water. Within this book she covers not only the basics of candles, dressing them, and empowering them – but also candle “layouts” for spellcasting and diving the results of the candle as it burns to determine how your candle spell is working and how you might need to remedy your magick if something has gone wrong with the spell. This book consists of fifteen amazing chapters and five appendix. The appendix alone would be enough to buy this book, covering herbs, gems, shells, talismans and symbols for candle magick – but it’s the chapters of this book that make it phenomenal.

Candle magick is more than just lighting a wick. Madame Pamita is the real deal and I’ve experienced the efficient results of her candle magic first-hand several times. Pamita is one of the most knowledgeable candle magic practitioners out there. For the first time ever, she’s put all the years of her experience and expertise into a single comprehensive and approachable guide that is sure to give all your candle spells blazing results beyond your wildest imagination. The Book of Candle Magic should be a witch’s first reference to consult when it comes to candle magic and I’m certain it will be a book that stands the test of time and becomes the field standard of which other books on candle magic are based on, as she masterfully sets the bar high with this book. The book is written in a clear and approachable manner, which will be digestable and understandable for any magickal practitioner of any level of experience.

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