Review: The Four Elements of the Wise

Review: The Four Elements of the Wise August 24, 2021

Four Elements of the Wise by Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Most books on the subject of the elements provide only a superficial understanding of these forces that serve as a cornerstone of magick. Ivo Dominguez Jr., a modern master of the magickal mystery traditions, remedies this in his brilliant and much needed book, The Four Elements of the Wise: Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire. If you seek to deepen your relationship with the elements beyond introductory level books, connect with the elemental spirits, tune into the sub-elements of each element, and have a nuanced understanding of the subtle differences of the fifth elements of Ether, Spirit, Quintessence, then The Four Elements of the Wise will greatly enhance your mastery of these universal energies.

There’s a reason Ivo Dominguez Jr. is one of my favorite occult writers of all time, and this book is a prime example of it. The Four Elements of the Wise is brilliant in its depth while maintaining an easy-to-understand explanation of that depth. Ivo remedies the misunderstanding that the elements are simply the water in a cup, the flame from a candle, a clump of earth, or a gentle breeze, but that these are symbolic physical representations of the elements. He writes that he “was also taught that if you were wise, you would see past the surface of things and see that the Elements exist beyond the physical plane as well. It was also a reminder that a map is not the territory, and a statue is not a deity, though it is useful to have proxies and representations.” By comparing and contrasting the teachings on the elements of various cultures and traditions around the world, while doing so in a respectful, non-appropriative way, along with his own genius insights, experience, and observations; Ivo helps us gain a complete image of what these universal energies are, how they function, and how we can work with them for a richer magickal experience and practice. I highly recommend this book, as I do any and every book by this author.



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