Wrestling with disappointment (#sermon #podcast)

Wrestling with disappointment (#sermon #podcast) February 4, 2014

Sometimes we get burned when we think we’re doing the right thing. This happened to Uzzah who was assigned to help transport the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 6. He touched the ark to keep it from falling and got struck down by God. What do we do when we face disappointments in life that seem unfair? How do we move forward? This is what I covered in last weekend’s sermon, which had three points: 1) Don’t be an armchair quarterback in other peoples’ disappointments, 2) God always has something to teach from your life’s setbacks and it doesn’t mean that God wanted to punish or fail you, and 3) Jesus has put it all on his cross because he not only forgives us but empathizes with us as well.

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