Thunderclap: the easiest, most powerful way to support my book launch!!!

Thunderclap: the easiest, most powerful way to support my book launch!!! April 3, 2016

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I’ve decided to take a risk and start a Thunderclap campaign for my book release. What it means is that I have to recruit 250 people who are willing to let Thunderclap send out a very brief advertising message on their social media platforms on April 18th, my release date. If I fall short of 250 supporters, the Thunderclap message won’t send. That’s the gamble. But it’s good because it forces me to pursue my goal tenaciously. It’s incredibly easy to join the campaign. You literally just have to click your mouse three or four times. If you believe that God can use this book to bless people in your social media networks, this is the easiest and most powerful way to get the word out. Because of Facebook’s algorithm, an identical blast message from 250 people will cause each person’s message to be visible to more followers than for individuals to write their own messages (which is great too!). Please click here if you’re willing to be a part of this social campaign. You can do it on Twitter or Facebook or both. So far I’ve got 27 out of 250 supporters, which is a great start. Thanks so much and God bless!

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