July 25, 2021

Sorry to U.S. Bible readers, but Jesus’ wonder of multiplying loaves and fish was neither a miracle nor a lesson about sharing. Here comes another Sunday of horrible homilies. It begins with the Gospel reading, another version of Jesus feeding a multitude (John 6:1-15). The story of Jesus feeding a crowd of Israelites is found in all four canonical Gospels (Mark 6:32-44 // Matthew 14:13-21 // Luke 9:10-17). Sharing the Origins of this Sunday’s Gospel Scholars, therefore, debate its origins. Does this multiply attested story… Read more

July 23, 2021

Alien to humanity depictions make Jesus unreal and provide yet another congenial identity theft. In the past several posts, we have been talking about committing identity theft on Jesus. American Christians almost always can’t stomach a Jesus not buying American values. Like so many others, we throw away the real Jesus in favor of culturally-congenial idols like “the Intellectual Sage” and “the Great One.” Among U.S. Catholics, there is a tragic preference for another disingenuous way of looking at the Galilean peasant… Read more

July 20, 2021

Great One Jesus is another culturally congenial identity theft committed by American Christians. “Make America great again!” Except for women, homosexuals, minorities, indigenous peoples, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a white male. Was there anything great about the USofA back in the 1950s-day? As a matter of fact, yes! But to recover it, we would need strong labor unions and a healthy workforce where labor is given human dignity. Regardless, we Amer-I-cans love being great. We even like our… Read more

July 19, 2021

Intellectual Sage Jesus is yet another culturally congenial identity theft American Christians. Last time we explored how Americans crave a Jesus just like them or just like how they desire to be. Like all Westerners, even atheist Richard Dawkins! He thinks the “brilliant” Jesus was just too smart not to have been an atheist! Dawkins, too, you see, is a devotee of Jesus the Intellectual Sage. Why do we see Jesus as the Intellectual Sage? It’s because we need a Jesus… Read more

July 18, 2021

American Christians prefer a fake Jesus congenial to our values in place of the real deal. Are you an American Christian who claims to love Jesus? Do you pray, “Jesus I trust in you”? Okay. Tell me about this Jesus in whom you love and trust. Forgive my suspicion of your claims. You see, as an American like you, I am also culturally programmed to refuse any Jesus who isn’t either just like me or someone I desire to be…. Read more

July 10, 2021

Inspiration is messy and very human precisely because it is divine. This blog is named “Messy Inspirations,” and inspiration is indeed a messy business! Honestly, the world is messy too. Because of this, and because revelation or divine disclosure happens everywhere and always, we should expect it to be messy. Therefore, be happy messy people! And God did not limit revelation to only the Catholic circle or Christian circle or even the monotheistic circle, thank God! Additionally, God did not… Read more

July 10, 2021

Authority over demons figures heavily in this Sunday’s Gospel, but what is this really about? Sometimes I enjoy hearing Christians—especially my fellow Catholics—talk about angels and demons citing some spiritual writer or authority. It always gives me a chuckle. I wonder, “where are these experts getting all this fanciful stuff from?” Books, they answer. But the books they cite are a rehash of Western theological and spiritual ideas only distantly related, if at all, to our Middle Eastern Scriptures. Not… Read more

July 3, 2021

If you are upset by what I blog, that’s probably a good thing. Upset? Some people got upset at my last post. That’s good that they got upset! Hey people? Stick around! You are going to be upset again and again, and maybe that’s an excellent thing! The questions are: why are you upset, and what should you do with that upset feeling, unhappy camper? How is this blog challenging you? Isn’t that what’s making you upset? Sure it is. Confession… Read more

July 2, 2021

Biblical languages aren’t much help in understanding Scripture without understanding the cultural background. How useful is knowing the Biblical languages? Not much if you don’t grasp the cultural world of the Bible. Maybe you can read Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic fluently. But if you are reading these with the wrong cultural context, those languages won’t help. In fact, instead of understanding the Sacred Page, all you’ll get is non-understanding and distortion. Here’s a video about what gives languages meaning: Biblical… Read more

June 17, 2021

If you truly love your country, don’t be stupid, American Catholics. “Are you proud to be an American, where at least you know you’re free?” Then don’t be stupid. Are you proud of Uncle Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and that we got rid of the monster Donald Trump? Don’t be stupid. Trump is an ever-present threat. He’s kingmaker and king for far too many Americans. And Biden/Harris being “way better” than the Trumpster isn’t saying much. I put something… Read more

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