Great One Jesus or Reality?

Great One Jesus or Reality? July 20, 2021

Great One Jesus
Great One Jesus / Image by P Tate from Pixabay

Great One Jesus is another culturally congenial identity theft committed by American Christians.

“Make America great again!” Except for women, homosexuals, minorities, indigenous peoples, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a white male. Was there anything great about the USofA back in the 1950s-day? As a matter of fact, yes! But to recover it, we would need strong labor unions and a healthy workforce where labor is given human dignity.

Regardless, we Amer-I-cans love being great. We even like our Jesus great, much greater than the real deal. As we discussed earlier, we prefer an American counterfeit to the real Jesus we claim to love. And besides our identity theft of Jesus “the Intellectual Sage,” another popular idol of ours is “Jesus the Great One.”

Watch this video about “Great One” Jesus:

Great One of Imperial Cruelty

We aren’t Christian Rome, bastion of imperial cruelty, no. But don’t be mistaken. We are just like Rome in our worship of the false god of imperial cruelty, Omnipotens. That worship, sadly, has never gone out of style. 

Democrats and Republicans lavish this cruel god with every tribute and praise. Still, it is done in the American style where this god is known as the Winner, the Achiever, the Numero Uno, the G.O.A.T., the “Best of the best!” And like how Constantine’s political religion kept worshipping cruel Omnipotens as Iesous, so too we have dressed this monster up as something pleasant and agreeable to our culture. And also, we have bestowed on him the name below every other name, “Jesus.”

Who says Americans aren’t into “old-style religion”?

Western Greatness & Jesus the Celebrity

It’s not just Americans. The entire Western world idolizes greatness. For Western people, to be great is more excellent than to be good. Sure, sometimes we pay lip service to the poverty and humble origins of Jesus. But we usually breeze past that to yap about Jesus the Great One, the most outstanding figure in history.

In fact, when Western Christians talk about Jesus and his life on earth, it sounds like they are describing a celebrity. Eerily so! But as Fr. John Meier told me about 12 years ago, in the first-century world, Jesus wasn’t a blip on the radar screen of history.

Wake up, U.S. Christians! Jesus wasn’t a celebrity! In fact, other Israelite figures of his day were far more popular and great in comparison.

Cruel & Popular Great One

Jesus the Great One is another identity theft. We take our Western aspirations for being tremendous and great and labeling it “Jesus,” thereby legitimating our cruelty and making it “holy.” 

I see this all the time at Catholic men’s groups. A lot of lip service to Jesus, then these successful “tigers” go on yardsticking one another, sucking up to their cruel priests and listing their successes and virtues. And full of violent sexist, racist, and homophobic jokes, but ever ready to distribute Communion.

“Body of Christ,” they offer. But who are they kidding? They neither know Jesus nor worship him. Instead, they worship “Great” and call that Jesus. And many of these are daily communicants!

Great One of Wealthy Bishops

Look at bishops and how great they are. The one down in South Florida, surrounded by his biker gang. Going to Legatus meetings. He is all about being great. Thinks he calls Jesus down into his hands. Who do you hold, O great Archbishop? Jesus was the least of nothing-people in his day! Go spend more time with your parish maintenance workers and learn in silence from them, Tommy-boy, and less time gabbing at your gala dinners.

Jesus “the Great One” is the god of greedy, fat U.S. bishops, the patron of diocesan campaign fund drives, posh rectories, lavish food, and extravagant lifestyles. The bishops adore this fake Jesus. He justifies them adopting the lifestyles of wealthy elites.  

Jesus “the Great One” justifies governing parishes and diocese with an iron fist. Shepherds become tyrants by way of him.

Today’s feudal landlord Bishops are great like Christ? Please. To be excommunicated from these enablers of child molesters and violent great men is a virtue.

An Old Idol

“The Great One” exaggerates Jesus’ function as ruler, shepherd, and judge, all ancient Mediterranean analogies bearing two millennia of theological freight. We American Christians certainly are not the only people to distort Jesus into being “the Great One.”    

Look at great heroes of Christendom like Vlad Dracula and Cesare Borgia. Who other than Jesus, “the Great One,” could inspire such cruelty? This is genocide and slavery named “Jesus,” Americans. Jesus “the Great One” justifies burning witches and heretics and beating homosexuals to death. He is the inspiration for all those clerics who crave titles and offices. He is the false god of those obsessing about pompous liturgy.  

It isn’t hard for many to see that such a fake Jesus would be the false god of Donald Trump. But if you open your eyes, you’ll see he is worshipped by Uncle Joe Biden as well. Let’s face it: It is challenging for us Americans to turn and meet the authentic Jesus.

Here is another counterfeit Jesus popular among many Catholics…

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