Hello, Emotional Micha!

Hello, Emotional Micha! June 23, 2011

Oh, friends. Let’s be honest here:

Filling our last week in SF with final events


Watching my son say goodbye to his teachers and friends


Trying to pack our stuff


Planning two parties on Friday


My little boy turning 3


Emotional Micha

Here’s what you should know:

  • Emotional Micha has a lot of things to write but no time to write them down. Instead she forcefully picks toys off her son’s carpet while crying dramatically to her husband: “There’s never enough time!”
  • Emotional Micha will not be posting again this week. Instead she will be planning the two parties she’s hosting the day before movers arrive at her door.
  • Emotional Micha is an extrovert. That’s why she plans parties the day before she moves. Because she really, truly thinks that the best way to spend her last night in San Francisco is by throwing a party. And she’s right. (She just forgot to think about the details. As per usual.)
  • Emotional Micha is crying every time she talks about 1) moving, 2) loving her friends, 3) loving her church, 4) loving her children, 5) loving her husband. So, basically, don’t ask her about moving and/or love.
  • Emotional Micha will write all the posts she’s been storing up in her little heart and will post them next week.

Until then, I’ll be failing at keeping it together.




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