An update on the move to Patheos

An update on the move to Patheos March 30, 2012

Pinterest via Sarah Bessey

Hey friends!

Thanks for your feedback this week on the header for the new site. You overwhelmingly voted for happy sweet Micha, as opposed to “pissed, reflective Micha” to quote Cameron in the comments. Although Lyndsey was hoping I could be a little less Beth Moore and more Anne Lamott (confession: I’m way too uncool to be Anne Lamott, and way too Texas to not be Beth Moore), she was one of the few who voted for the non-smiley header. In fact, my other favorite comment of the day was Davita who said, and I quote: “NOT #1. The hair is a bit too “Hanson” (sorry)…” Ha! I love you guys. I can’t stand it.

I originally had said that we’d make the move this Sunday, April 1. But, because of a few hiccups the blog won’t be moving until April 14. That means we get to spend Holy Week together over here. And Holy Week is probably my favorite week of the year on Mama:Monk.

So, I’ll see you Palm Sunday and all the days after as we move toward Easter.

As always, I’m so grateful for you all,


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