Big Announcement: My Blog is Moving! (Like, right now.)

Big Announcement: My Blog is Moving! (Like, right now.) March 21, 2014

 Friends, I’m so excited to let you know that I’m doing something new and bright and challenging and a little scary. And it looks like this:

That’s my new website/blog. It’s not called Mama:Monk anymore. It’s not at Patheos anymore. I’m going out on my own.

There are a lot of reasons for this. I have loved being part of the community of Patheos and I am leaving with nothing but praise for the bloggers and the support here.  The opportunity to move my blog here two years ago was a huge step in my writing career, one that led me to my amazing agent and, ultimately, to my book deal. I don’t take lightly what Patheos has done for my blog. And I’m so grateful for these two years.

But I’m leaving because I want my book and my blog and my speaking career to have a home together, and it’s hard to do that with a separate blog and website.

I’m also letting Mama Monk go. This is bittersweet for me. I will never forget the moment I registered four and a half years ago, and the reading and thinking and praying that brought me to the decision to begin blogging about motherhood and prayer. That choice to begin blogging, that decision to be “Mama Monk” was one of my favorite life decisions.

I’ll keep writing about monks, I’m sure. (Love those guys.) And I’ll keep writing about motherhood because I’m smack dab in the middle of living it. But I write about a lot more than those two things around here and I want my blog to reflect that. “Found Grace” feels more open to me. It feels full of possibility. I don’t want any reader to feel that to in order enter this space, he or she must be a mother or must be female. And though I continue to be inspired by Benedictine monasticism, I’m ready to jump into Ignatian prayer and Cetlic Christian prayer. I want to read and read and write about it here.

I want to write about the daily, ordinary work of loving God and working with Jesus to restore dignity and joy to this world. I want to write about the God who finds us, the God of grace who loves us already.

So, will you join me? I’m over at just waiting for you.

Plug me into your blog-readers, friends. Subscribe to the new blog. Start tagging your Instagrams with #foundgrace and watch it show up on my lovely sidebar.

Let’s do this.


So much thanks to the amazing Micah J. Murray for creating such a beautiful website for me. Man, he’s fantastic. His blog is pretty awesome too. 

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