Can work ever be good news?

Can work ever be good news? November 6, 2014

Today we begin a series of ten posts featuring artwork from the Christians in the Visual Arts exhibit, “Work: Curse or Calling?” Many thanks to Margot Rogers and CIVA for allowing us to feature these beautiful, intriguing, and challenging pieces here at MISSION:WORK.  Please check out CIVA’s website for more information on scheduling the exhibit for your own church, school, or workplace, and to see the other images from the exhibit (there are 28 in all.)  Today’s featured work is:

Ain’t That Good News

Amanda Thompson (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Digital photo
16” x 20”

Ain’t That Good News grew out of the artist’s experience in Africa. She writes, ”My German permit to do missionary work is the point at which my views changed. This European influenced perspective is represented by the birds and the girl at the café. These central figures seem free from worrying about work or the march of time. Can a missionary-artist convince others that her beauty-seeking and spiritually-focused relational work glorifies God?”

Thompson,Amanda- AintThatGoodNews

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