NEWS: The Faith and Work Channel has two new blogs!

NEWS: The Faith and Work Channel has two new blogs! January 13, 2015

We’re always happy when more people join the discussions on faith, work, economics, vocation, and calling here at Patheos Faith and Work.  Recently we introduced you to our new book review blog Work Cited, and now we have two new contributors to the discussion. We’re thrilled to have them help broaden our conversation.


The Working Catholic features musings on all aspects of work and vocation from Bill Droel, long-time editor of the newsletter Initiatives from the Catholic church’s National Center for the Laity.


+WORKmessages, from Greg Pierce of ACTA Publications, pairs passages from The Message with practical musings on faith in the everyday workplace.

Welcome, Bill and Greg!  And watch this space for the announcement of a blog coming in a few weeks from the Charlotte Fellows, young professionals trying to live out their faith in today’s complex marketplace.

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