Did you know you were created to work?

Did you know you were created to work? April 17, 2015

We’re pleased to offer an excerpt today and yesterday from the new Bible on Business: 31 Days to More Faithful Work devotional plan available from YouVersion.

olive-oil-356102_640By Erisa Mutabazi

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours working, yet have never fully grasped the idea that God created us to work. In fact, work was meant to be a joyful experience in which we are fulfilled in the use of our collective ability to partner with God in the cultivation of resources entrusted to us.

However, in today’s global marketplace, work has a negative connotation and some even believe God is against our work. This just is not true. God is a proponent of good business.

We see an example of this in 2 Kings 4 when a widow approaches Elisha pleading for help. She lost her husband and was about to lose her two children to slavery, but rather than giving her money, God responds through Elisha and puts her to work!

God uses what little she has, a jar of oil, to help her create a profitable business which in turn allows her to pay her debts, keep her children out of slavery, and live on the surplus.

God is for us in our work. He desires for us to use our talents and experiences in our work as an act of worship no matter how insignificant they seem.

We serve a God who used a few drops of oil to launch a successful business. Imagine what might happen if a movement of Christ followers used the gifts God has given them in the marketplace!

Erisa Mutabazi resides in Kigali, Rwanda and serves as the country director for HOPE International, a Christ-centered microfinance organization. Compiled by Amplio Recruiting.


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