Can your work bring you closer to God?

Can your work bring you closer to God? January 30, 2017

Remember_John_Wesley,_WrootThe United Methodist Church says yes here:

Large portions of our lives are spent at work. Some go to an office each day while others labor outdoors. Some work in 12-hour shifts to provide our food, keep us safe, and heal our wounds. Others travel near and far to sell, build, consult, and transport products and people. Still others teach children, cook meals, clean, and provide other services for our communities….

Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, had a legendary work ethic. He traveled hundreds of thousands of miles on horseback, preached tens of thousands of sermons; and, oh yes, started a global movement, to which United Methodists are heirs. Wesley was famously fruitful in his labors, in part because he was disciplined, but also because of his conviction that his work was part of God’s greater plan of redemption. [Read more]


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