A Leap Into Social Entrepreneurship

A Leap Into Social Entrepreneurship February 12, 2017


…as detailed over at Seedbed by Josh Moon. I heard his presentation to The Asbury Project a couple of years ago, and I commend his efforts:

If you are thinking you are way too unprepared to be a social entrepreneur, then we will get along quite well. Before my sophomore year in college I had no idea what social entrepreneurship meant. I kept hearing the term mentioned in conversations; and being the curious individual I am, I decided to take a Social Entrepreneurship course as an elective. This class really broadened my understanding of how significant this field is and how a business which is leveraged with the gospel in mind could make a powerful impact in the world and in the lives of others. Social Entrepreneurship can be a powerful way to help address the world’s problems through business and innovation. [Read more]

You can support the work of Jay and his sister Emily at By Grace Designs.  And you can read more about The Asbury Project here.  Maybe I will see you there next year (if I remember to sign up!)

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