Introducing Zen Buddhism: Some Brief Online Resources

Introducing Zen Buddhism: Some Brief Online Resources November 20, 2019


Dear Laurie,

It was wonderful meeting you at our Tuesday evening gathering for zazen. We look forward to you and your friends visiting with us on Saturday.

I offered to provide some simple introductory resources. Here’s a quick offering of links to articles I’ve written on Buddhism and Zen.

I hope you find them helpful.


James Myoun Ford

Anaheim Zen Sangha


First, the story of the Buddha.

And, with that something addressing what does it mean to call oneself a Buddhist.

With that, what is Zen?

A simple introduction to meditation.

Zen’s Bodhisattva precepts.

For further reading.

a simple bibliography.


a collection of recommended readings from different Zen teachers.


For more about our Empty Moon Sangha.

And, perhaps you would be interested in our Facebook page. We share a lot of things about Buddhism and Zen as well as various announcements for our own activities.



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