Follow the Money: Politics, Business & Abortion

Follow the Money: Politics, Business & Abortion July 8, 2022

Remember that catchphrase “Follow the money” from the movie All the President’s Men? It means if you follow the money trail, you will find the source of corruption be it in politics, business, abortion, or all three.

Since political campaigns are very expensive, the huge coffers of the abortion lobby are very attractive. Sadly, most politicians will sell their souls to placate their donors. As a result, the old adage applies: “Who pays the piper calls the tune.”

The puppet-masters purposely surrounded the politicians with pro-abortion staffers and influential people to insulate them against pro-life persuasion. They will keep the money pressure high so that ambition (and cowardice) snuff out righteous convictions.

Abortion Profit

The abortion lobby has enormous amounts of money because abortion is big business. In 2018-19, abortions made up 96.4% of Planned Parenthood’s “pregnancy resolution” services, leaving only 3.6% for other pregnancy services.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In its 2019-20 annual report, Planned Parenthood (PP) reported $1.6 billion in income and over $2.0 billion in net assets. Its excess of total revenue over total expenses was $69.7 million; $110.5 million in pre-COVID 2018-19.

Wait! Isn’t PP a nonprofit? Designation as a nonprofit is just a tax status. It means that any profits are put back into the corporation rather than dispersed to shareholders. Most nonprofits just get by, but it is legal to make huge profits as PP does.

The irony is that people see “nonprofit” and think the cash-strapped kind. So, billionaires donate hundreds of millions of dollars to PP, and taxpayers fork over $618.1 million, or almost $1.7 million per day, making up 38% of PP’s overall revenue.

The money does not all go to providing services to women. That’s the excuse for being a nonprofit. Instead, huge amounts go to high-paid propagandists and political campaigns. Not what your average citizen donor intended, I suspect.

Corporations and Women

Since the overturn of Roe, big business has come more publicly into play. Besides their donations to PP, some corporations are now offering to pay the expenses of employees who have to go out of state for an abortion.

Why would they do that? On the surface, they are claiming that they support women and their “right” to abortion. Follow the money, though. It is cheaper for corporations to pay a few travel expenses than to offer paid maternity leave and family benefits.

In 2019, more than 200 corporations signed a statement advocating for “reproductive healthcare” and asserting that restrictions on abortion are bad for the economy and “bad for business.”

This alliance is a coordinated effort led by Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, among others. Pro-life stockholders are disregarded but need to be given a vote on such policies.

Keep in mind that 95% of CEOs are men. As discussed in a previous blog, men have a selfish interest in maintaining abortion access, and they are probably not shy about using their corporate power to protect their personal and financial agenda.

True Intentions

Since the Roe reversal, abortion facilities in the states that are now banning abortion are shutting down at a rapid pace. What about caring for women’s health? If you haven’t figured it out already, let me clue you in: That was a joke. A sick, exploitive joke.

My friends at Democrats for Life ( are challenging PP to switch gears and provide the type of supportive services for women that the Pregnancy Resource Centers offer, if they truly care about women. (Hint: Not going to happen)

It was never about women’s health or well-being. The abortionists (74% male) and the abortion-provider chains like PP aren’t going to stick around if there isn’t any money in it, and the money came from abortions.

My hope is that the American public will notice this abandonment and figure it out, especially in light of increased pro-life efforts to assist pregnant women. At the forefront of this assistance is the Catholic Church, leading also in awareness and information.

Despite being “blamed” for pro-life advocacy, accused of hating and controlling women and targeted by pro-abortion vandalism, Catholics are conducting a campaign of love and support for women.

There are Catholics who are “pro-choice” or on the fence, but they should, at least, be willing to participate in providing services to women and children in need. Perhaps once they see the true purpose of Church actions, they will reconsider their views.

Catholics don’t buy politicians, and we don’t profit from our services, but we can use the power of God and our own example to influence others. Follow our money and you should find only charity and good works.

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