Listening Link – Discussing Autism and Islam on ‘The Drew Marshall Show’

Listening Link – Discussing Autism and Islam on ‘The Drew Marshall Show’ May 3, 2012

The Drew Marshall Show (touted as “Canada’s Most Listened to Spiritual Talk Show“) sent me an email last week, asking if I could recommend one of the great Muslim bloggers on Patheos’ Muslim Portal to come on his show and be his featured “God blogger” for that week’s segment. I pitched to him all the great bloggers we have on the portal that I edit and manage (Svend White, who writes “Akram’s Razor,” Nancy Shehata who writes at “Muslimah in Progress,” Hesham A. Hassaballa, who’s a columnist on the portal, as well as others) – but in the end Mr. Marshall asked if I would come on the show.

I guess he was intrigued by spate of posts on autism, faith, and family. So, despite my lack of interview skills, I went on the program and had a great conversation with Mr. Marshall and his co-host on faith and the difficulties of special needs parenting, how the spiritual issues I struggle with as a Muslim parent to my autistic son crosses all faith lines, and, of course, about the Muslim topics that always come up – hijab, women, men, and modesty, natch!

Click on this listening link to hear to the interview. (You need to scroll down to where it says “God Blogger” and click on the little megaphone.)

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