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Muslimah Next Door

Autism Truths: The Friends We Make Along the Way

Autism Awareness Month is drawing to a close, but autism doesn't end. As Dilshad Ali wraps up her daily blogging of her family's #autismtruths, one of the best truths she says is the friends made along the journey.


Not Your Inspiration Porn – Why I Don’t Owe You My Conversion Story

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Rites of Passage. Read other perspectives here. By Leanne Scorzoni How did you come to Islam? When did you convert? Will you tell me your story? Mashallah, you are such an inspiration to us! There’s a term used to describe stories of people who have overcome great [Read More...]

Guava Jam: Taste of my mother, taste of home

This month’s Radical Love column is a video essay recorded live at Common Grounds in Santa Ana, California. It begins at 2:48. “This is what it means to be an immigrant living in California, smuggling seeds in Ziplock bags from the motherland or buying trees from the underground market for the illegal fruits & vegetables [Read More...]

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