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Muslimah Next Door

Autism Truths: The Friends We Make Along the Way

Autism Awareness Month is drawing to a close, but autism doesn't end. As Dilshad Ali wraps up her daily blogging of her family's #autismtruths, one of the best truths she says is the friends made along the journey.


#NotMyAmerica – An Open Letter to Jon Ritzheimer and Protesting Bikers in Arizona

By Zainab Chaudry On the holy day of Friday, Muslims around the world set aside daily distractions and re-direct their focus solely on God. Today, however, as Muslim communities across the nation prepare to gather for congregational prayers, one community in Arizona has reason to be more distracted than usual. As Muslims drive to their mosques this [Read More...]

We’re moving to!

We’ve had a wonderful time as part of the Patheos community, but have moved back to our own website as of today:! Please update your reader and stay tuned for more great literary columns and exciting announcements! Thank you!

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