The Islamic year : surahs, stories and celebrations

The Islamic year : surahs, stories and celebrations July 7, 2010
The Islamic Year

Yesterday I went to the library to pick up a copy of Nurture Shock, a book investigating parenting that has been part of a book discussion on AskMoxie.  I was sucked into the discussion because one of the chapters talks about discussing race with your child.  I am always looking for ways to better my parenting skillz, and to make the growing years less painful and traumatic for my posse.  So, a few shelves away, I saw the religious selection of this particular branch and browsed my way to Islam.

I grabbed 2 books off the shelf.  One being a book that I’ve read before and loved. I loved it soo much that I wanted to reread some chapters.  The second, was this book, The Islamic year : surahs, stories and celebrations by Noorah Al-Gailani (Author), Chris Smith (Author), Helen Williams (Illustrator).  I’m very excited to share my findings with you. 


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  • Jennifer

    Let us know if it’s a good one. 🙂

    • So far it’s really good. It’s written by a teacher and a storyteller and is designed for non Muslims to use to teach and celebrate the different holidays. I can’t wait to finish reading it and share more.