The Call to Prayer

The Call to Prayer July 30, 2010

Today is Friday, and it’s the day of Jummah prayer.  I was reading this morning and I came across this section in the book where the author explains what the call to prayer means.  Then I remembered explaining this same thing to my mom last week when I took her to prayer.  Before I get the pancakes made, I wanted to share this with you.

Allahu Akbar! (God is most great.)

Allahu Akbar! (God is most great.)

Ash-haduan la illaha il-Allah! (I testify that there is no god but God.)

Ash-haduana Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah! (I testify that Mohammed is the Prophet of God.)

Haya alas-Salah! (Arise and Pray.)

Haya alal-Falah! (Arise and Flourish.)

Allahu Akbar! (God is most Great.)

Allahu Akbar! (God is most Great.)

La illaha il-Allah! (There is no god but God.)

I tried to search out an audio on YouTube, but honestly, it’s much more beautiful in person than what I’ve found online.  If I ever come across a file that really does the job, I will share it with you.  Have a great Friday!

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  • Sam

    Thank you for sharing! Love you, Mom

  • This is the sound of my childhood – but I’ve never seen it written in transliterated Arabic. I’m a white (nominally) Christian Australian but grew up in Malaysia and Kuwait, only returning to Australia for university. We always say my brother was born lucky because he was born during the dawn call to prayer!

  • Jennifer

    Funny I was reading this as the Athan was announced here in Cairo. It’s really neat to be in a country that announces the call to prayer. When I hear it I think, “If you live here, it will be hard to forget about God as we sometimes do in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.” What’s also touching to hear is the various voices echoing the Athan simultaneously across the city. Thanks for sharing the translation.

    • It is funny. I remember my first trip there. I was sooo ticked off because I am a late sleeper and I would wake up all the time. The second trip I wore earplugs every night so the morning Athan wouldn’t wake me. Now, many years later, when we are in Egypt, I either sleep through it, or I wake and listen. It moves me deep in my soul.