Simple Food Tonight

Simple Food Tonight June 27, 2011

I have a confession to make.

I love to make decadent desserts with multiple steps, often that take a few days.  I usually make Tiramisu to celebrate the end of the school year, and this year I’ve been making my own ice cream.  I love to bake bread and cookies and cakes.  I’ve made tarts and I’ve even tried my hand at galaktoboureko.

But I am often a lazy eater.  When it comes to fruit, if it’s cut up and room temperature, I’ll eat it.  If it needs prepping, like peeling, hulling or seeding…I will think twice.  The same if its cold.  My teeth are sensitive to biting cold fruit.  Not so much with frozen Reeces Cups, but fruit is a big no-no to me.  The same goes for veggies.  I keep carrots and celery in my fridge at all times to cook with, but I can rarely be found eating them myself because of the prep.  My dear friend brought over one of those store-bought crudite trays with the veg dip in the center, and I tell you I’ve been munching on it at Lunch and Dinnertime since.  I even told Khaled that I’m keeping the tray to refill it so I will continue this healthy munching.

Tonight I have mastered boiling an egg.

Okay, stop laughing.  It’s not really that funny.

I was hungry for Egg Salad.  I confessed to my friend back in May that I didn’t know how to make Egg Salad and it’s been haunting me.  So, I went on a hunt and found a website called How To Cook Like Your Grandmother.  The instructions were brilliantly simple and I loved the lead in story, I just knew I could do it.

But first, I had to figure out how to boil the egg so it didn’t turn green and mess up the color of my food.  Again, I did a search and came up with the absolute, fool-proof directions.  Here, at The Incredible Egg.

The Egg Salad turned out Perfect and I am ever so pleased to have mastered this simple recipe.  FINALLY!

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