Getting Ready For Ramadan

Getting Ready For Ramadan August 5, 2011

Jummah Mubarak Peeps and Tweets! This morning I’m in a flurry of activity here but I wanted to share with you these two videos I came across this week.

Sometime, about a year and a half ago or so I came across the Islamic Center at NYU podcasts called KhutbaKast. I was searching for a spiritual message that connected with my every day life, and I wasn’t getting it from the Imams in my city. I took the KhutbaKast for a spin and was pleasantly surprised. Here was an Imam that I could understand. He spoke English, clearly and precise without more than a Midwestern/NY accent. He didn’t use too much jargon, and he peppers his talks with humor. I blazed through all of the files and when I got to the end, just before Ramadan 2010, I was bummed. I have since sent many emails and posted several times on their FB asking when the podcast feed will be revised and the Khutbas will resume. I’ve not had any luck.

But I went to the website to check again earlier this week and came across these two video workshops that were produced by ICNYU. They have caused me to think more about my approach to Ramadan.  To see this month more from the perspective of the person who is fasting, and why they are fasting.

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