Did You See This?

Did You See This? October 8, 2012
who used to listen to the ICNYU podcast? We’re thinking of restarting it in the next couple of weeks inshallah
YAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *Happy Dance!*
Back in 2010, I was surfing around on iTunes and found the KhutbaKast.  I had a listen and I was hooked.  I listened to all the backlog back to back…and then I was up to date.  Then there were no updates…and I sent email, and posted on the FB wall.  No response.  I sent more email and posted more to the FB wall.  Then I was directed to the YouTube feed…but that does not help me get my khutba* Fix on the go.  Imam Latif was the first Imam that gave a khutba I could understand and get something out of that was relative to my life.  Since then, I’ve re-listened ….but I’m so excited that the Friday khutbas will be back online.
*Khutba = Sermon

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