Sounds like Cairo

Sounds like Cairo February 26, 2013

Last week I subbed in a pre-kindergarten room at the Islamic School.  Like most pre-kindergarten programs, at about 1:00, it was time for nap.  We also refer to it as down time, quiet time or resting.  The usual protocol in the classroom during rest time is to play Quran for the hour.  I usually use Quran Explorer since this is the website I’m most familiar with.  So, last week while I was sitting at the desk doing paperwork and listening to The Quran, I noticed a prayer times widget for my computer.  Our prayer clock is difficult to set and is usually off time, so when I came home that day I pulled up the website and installed the widget on my computer.

Prayer Time Widget

I don’t usually keep the sound turned up on my computer, but I had it on earlier in the day to listen to music and it was still on later that day when the sound came for Asr prayer.  It surprised my people, they were intrigued. Then they immediately went to pray.  Khaled liked it so much, he downloaded it on his own computer.  His computer’s clock is 30 seconds faster than mine, so his Athan sounds 30 seconds before mine.   If you’ve ever been overseas, you will recognize this as the Athan coming from every Mosque in a 15 mile radius from your window.  To us, it sounds a little like Cairo.

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