4 New Words

4 New Words March 6, 2013

I was cruising around on Twitter the other day, reading random tweets, and I came across an app called ‘Arabic Word of the Day.’


Out comes the phone.

App Store

Search: ‘Arabic word of the day’


Sweet!  I DL it.  Then I get Pea and Kate’s devices. Not available on Fox’s kindle. :-/



Day 1: Bitter; mour.

Day 2: Big; kabeer.

Day 2.5: Little; sarir. (Who can learn big without little?)

Day 3: Some guy’s name. Osama. (This is a little janky because who doesn’t know the name Osama?)

Day 3.5: I asked husband what was the opposite of mour – he says helwa. Sweet.


Each day now, we review and then learn the new word.  My people know 4 new words in Arabic they didn’t know last weekend.  They make fun of my Arabish (arabic/english mashup.)  I don’t care because when they correct my pronunciation  they are remembering the correct way to say the word.  This is a WIN in my book.


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  • Love it! One of the best apps! The first day I downloaded it the word was “The United Kingdom” and it was “Al Mumlika Mutahheeda” and I thought to myself “this will NEVER work! These words are too long!” LoL… thankfully that was probably the longest word out of the bunch!