Converting October 20, 2013

Converting to a new religion is really difficult. We are carrying so much baggage that no one born into the religion will ever understand, even the “born-again” Muslims (for a lack of better wording). They think they do, they think they have all the answers, they think they are helping us, but honestly, they will never get us and they are doing more harm than good. You really have to surround yourself with people who are truly helpful, those who truly lifts you up, those who are truly trying to understand or does understand (because they went through it) what we are going through, and ignore everyone else. – Pam F.

I read this today and thought about you.  I asked Pam if I could share her words here because they just ring so true. No one understands better than someone who has walked in your shoes or shoes that are the same fit, brand and style, following similar terrain.  This is why it is so important to gather and connect with people who have made similar life choices so you can learn from each other, and be a support when no one else understands.

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    Masha’allah that is so touching… I converted my self and that just took my breath Away. Thank you..

  • Kristin

    Pam’s words are so true and profound. there really IS so much baggage in my faith life. ANY consideration of a faith (or lack thereof) different from that of my family or my past is like a raging sea of thoughts and emotions. There has not yet for me been a calming effect where I can say yes to any faith perspective confidently and without anxiety. I hope someday it will come, but for now, I am just trying to enjoy the moments where I feel that God is teaching me who I am and who He is, without the distraction of other peoples thoughts on that.