They Kept Responding

They Kept Responding November 5, 2013

After the last time I updated you on what was happening with the Hasbro letter, I moved on.  I was making Hajj Day outfits, I was celebrating Eid ul Adha with my family and I was celebrating my Brass Crescent Award.

In the midst of all that was happening, Hasbro kept responding.  I have moved on, but I thought that you might be wondering if all that letter writing was worth it.  So, here is what else they had to say in response.Hasbro letter 2

Hasbro letter 3

Then, a few days afterwards, a package arrived in the mail via UPS.  I set it aside and didn’t open it for a week, because I had really mixed feelings about accepting a toy from the company.  When I finally decided that it wouldn’t accomplish much by returning the toy, and if the toy was of acceptable nature I would donate it to the mosque, I opened the box.  This is what was inside.

Jenga Donation

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