Pre-Hijabi Swimwear

Pre-Hijabi Swimwear March 4, 2014

Last weekend, I was talking with Kate and Pea about our upcoming extracurricular activity scheduling.  Class times and locations had changed, and I wanted to make sure that everyone was up to speed and there wouldn’t be any big surprises…no tears because I hadn’t warned them etc.


While we were talking about these changes, I casually mentioned that if there was open swim time available between classes, we should take advantage of that opportunity.  Pea mentioned that she would like a new suit, because hers wasn’t fitting as well any longer.  Kate said that she wanted something a little more Hijabi-esque.  Not quite the full on swim body suit, but more covering.


Where to begin?

Well, since they had been 4 and 5, I’ve been buying Lands End rash guards and swim skirts.

Like this Swim Skirt by Lands End
And this Rash Guard by Lands End

And that was great!  They were covered much more than most girls, I was comfortable with the amount of skin they were showing and they weren’t getting burned.

Now, Pea wants to cover more.  But she still is small and little and I’m not ready.

She is still my baby.  And I don’t know where to shop for what she is asking me for.

I asked her if she would feel comfortable in some long capris and a long sleeve rashguard like I wear sometimes when I’m swimming where hijabi ladies are present.  She was hesitant.  I was too.  Its not really all that comfortable, and hampers your swimming a little.

I searched around a bit and found this website where they sell Modest Swimsuits for the whole family.  I wonder if this will be the solution?

modest swimsuit

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