Swimwear Update

Swimwear Update March 11, 2014

Right after my Pre-Hijabi Swimwear post, I received many website suggestions.  This was such a relief and help!  Honestly. So, I’m sharing, because that’s what we do.  We Share.

The First, is a Beautiful shop on Etsy. JanLucDesigns.  This shop is AMAZING.  The designs were inspired out of necessity.

I went home and searched online for modest swimwear. Everything I found was either too oversized, too conservative, too expensive or just plain ugly!

I decided to put my years of sewing experience and background as a Technical Designer to good use.

Swim JanLuc

Pea thought they were SUPER cute, but she was more interested in a skirt.  I’ve bookmarked this shop for the future.

Next was Lime Ricki.  This shop popped up when I hit a Google search (and was recommended by a convert.)  This is an excellent approach for anyone who wants something more conservative with a boutique flair.

Swim LimRicki

I love the patterns and design of this shop.  Unfortunately, the sizing wasn’t right for Pea.  Bookmark this site!

Next up was UnderCoverWater Wear.  This shop was on my list of LOVES.  I love the longer length of the skirts.  I love that they aren’t frumpy and dowdy.  I also love that you have a lot of length options.  From swim dresses and calf length skirts to swim tights and above the knee versions.

Swim Undercoverwater

Neither Kate nor Pea were interested in the swim dresses that were offered for the Young Ladies.  They much preferred the Pencil Skirt with tights look.  Sadly, not their current size.  Bookmarking for the teen years!

The last shop we looked at was Coolibar.  I had been looking at that shop for a few years now but completely forgot that they offered outfits for Children!  When I was searching for something to wear when I’m chaperoning swim parties where Muslim families are present, (or for when the water is too cold for me,) I found this site.  I was forever drooling over the Ruched Swim Shirt. But couldn’t bring myself to make the investment.

Swim Coolibar

Both Kate and Pea loved the longer lengths offered here on the skirts and Pea loved the longer length of the sleeves on the rash guards.  She didn’t want a long sleeve, so this fit the bill for her.

We ended up ordering a Skirt and Short Sleeve Rash Guard for Pea from Coolibar, a skirt for Kate from Coolibar and a Rash Guard for Kate from Lands End.  Coolibar is offering Free Shipping right now, so that’s completely AWESOME, and Lands End always offers pre-season sales so you can get something cute before they sell out.

I ended up ordering a new Long Sleeve Rash Guard for myself.  I find the indoor pools are never warm enough, and the long sleeves help regulate my body heat.

Swim Lands End

Let me know what you think!  Did you find this helpful?  Do you have other resources to add?

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