Election Self Care

Election Self Care October 26, 2016

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There are two weeks left until the election.

2 weeks

It will be wracked with heightened emotions and gut wrenching feelings. If the democrat wins, it is a monumental occasion, not only have democrats maintained the White House, but for the first time, girls all over the United States will see that they truly can reach for the highest office in the land. It will be a win. A win for the US, a win for people of all races, a win for people of all religions and a win for feminism. Yes, this candidate has her flaws, but doesn’t any president?

If the republican candidate wins, my family will be in fear for their lives. We will fear that the rhetoric he spewed during his campaign speeches will come to fruition. Muslims will have to register themselves. Our loved ones will be rounded up. Families will be split apart and our neighborhoods will never look the same. Racism will run rampant and unchecked. More people will die.

2 weeks

I have to drive through our neighborhood, looking at the yard signs that tell us who amongst us hates people of color. Yard signs that tell us who amongst us hates non-christians. Yard signs that tell us that we should be afraid. Reminding us we aren’t safe.

There are a light sprinkling of signs that give us hope, but in those yards, like my own – without a political sign, I wonder…are they afraid or apathetic?

2 weeks

Every day I remind my friends and loved ones to vote early. I tell them to do their due diligence and investigate who is on the ballot. Don’t vote for someone just because you recognize their name. Don’t choose someone because they’ve been in office for a while now. Know what you need to take with you. Know your rights. Be vigilant.

2 weeks

I’ve signed up for self care. I’m limiting my time reading the headlines and spending more time moving my body. Yoga, pilates, yard work, house work, creating, baking, reading, laughing. I have a strong network of friends giving emotional support who are ready to prop me up if things go awry. But we’ve not made any concrete plans. I’m choosing to have hope.

On this rainy Wednesday morning, I think back to March of this year, and when the panic began settling in like a stronghold around my heart.

Be Safe.

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