Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement October 17, 2016

Good Morning!

It is Monday morning and I got to sleep in today because it’s a teacher’s work day. That means, no one to wake up, no lunches to make and no busses to catch.

I just finished a sweet novel I’ve been reading the last 2 weeks and I thought I’d check in on how everything was doing here on my new home site. Today, I had a comment!

After I responded, I thought maybe I should let everyone know the house rules here at My Islamic Life.

In my home, we have simple rules.

1. Keep yourself healthy and smelling good.

2. Pray

3. Be kind to each other.

4. Clean up after yourself.

5. Ask for help.

Pretty simple huh?

Now, for My Islamic Life. Comments are by approval.

Back when I first started writing, Khaled and I discussed the consequences of putting myself out there and taking this risk. One of those was getting derogatory feedback. This includes any of my places on social media. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Its frustrating to me when people comment in a way that shows they have no idea about me or what I’m writing about, I’m usually okay with it, but I’ll call you out.

I understand if you don’t understand my life or my choices.

You can disagree with me, politely.

You can ask questions.

You can add to the discussion.


If you type in run on sentences and have no punctuation or capitalization, I’ll assume you are a bot and I’ll delete.

If you are rude, slanderous or mean, I’ll delete.

If you yell at me, I’ll delete.

If you attack my family at any time, I’ll delete and block you.

If you use the word that means ‘unbeliever’ and starts with the letter K, I’ll delete it.

I reserve the right to change the house rules at any time.


Also, I don’t accept any guest posters. People approach me all the time asking if they can do a guest post on my blog. NOPE. This is about my discussion with you. I talk about what’s important to me, and what I think will be helpful to share. If I’m recommending something to you, its because it made a difference in my life. Not because someone asked me to tell you, or someone paid me to tell you.

I’ll probably put this up in the top menu under About, just in case we get new readers.

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