Meditation to the Oak King and Holly King

Meditation to the Oak King and Holly King September 1, 2017

As we approach the Equinox, the point of balance, it might be a good time to do some work on how we might help to restore balance in the world. Last winter, I offered a story on this blog about the Oak King, who represents the forces of warmth, and light, and the Holly King, who represents the forces of cold, and dark. The story was responding to climate change and is about the loss of cold and darkness from our world. This is a meditation journey to discover what you have to offer to restoring balance. If you are unfamiliar with the mythos of the Oak King and the Holly King, I highly recommend starting with that previous post. You can find it here.

I usually begin guided meditations like this with a two part count down, as taught by Christopher Penczak. First, relax your body and release any thoughts from the day. Then visualize a series of numbers counting down from 12 to 1, picturing each number. Then countdown from 13 to 1 without visualization. You can use any other method of getting into mediation that works for you.


The Meditation

On the screen of your mind, picture a giant tree, larger than any tree you have ever seen. This is the World Tree. Its branches reach up to the heavens, and its roots dig deep into the earth. Imagine that the screen of your mind is a portal, like a doorway or window, something you can easily pass through. Pass through the screen of your mind and stand before the great tree. Hear the wind in its branches. Smell the earth where the roots dig in. Feel the texture of the bark.
Know the World Tree.

Place your hands on the bark and hold the intention of visiting the Oak King and Holly King. Search in the roots of the tree for a tunnel. Find a tunnel and follow it.

The tunnel leads downward, sloping gently. You follow the tunnel deeper and deeper. Notice the way the tunnel feels. What is it made of? Is it rough or smooth? Do you smell earth? Do you hear anything? Follow the tunnel deeper.

The tunnel begins to open out, and you find yourself walking through a forest. Follow the path through the forest. Now you are coming to a clearing in the forest.

Before you are the Oak King and the Holly King. Wait in the clearing until you meet a guide. The guide might be one of the Kings or it might be an animal or plant spirit. Who comes to speak with you?

Once a guide is before you, introduce yourself.

Ask the guide to help you discover your own work in helping to heal the Holly King and restore balance. What do you have to offer? What is your calling in this time and place?

What help do you need? How will you find that help?

Continue talking to your guide.

Your guide may give you a gift, an item, an image, a word or idea to help you in your work. Look within and see if you have something to offer to your guide. Thank your guide for their help and wisdom. Offer thanks to the Oak King and Holly King.

Find your way back to the path through which you came. Follow the path back through theforest. The path becomes the tunnel. Follow the tunnel as it slopes back up. Follow the tunnel up and up until you stand once more before the World Tree.

Thank the World Tree for this journey.

Come back through the portal in the screen of your mind. Come back to your body. Come back out of meditation in whichever way works for you. I count up again from 1 to 13 and then 1 to 12. Write down anything you want to remember from your meditation.

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