The Seeds of Ostara – Divination and Manifestation

The Seeds of Ostara – Divination and Manifestation March 13, 2019

The Vernal Equinox, Ostara in the Pagan calendar, is just around the corner and this year is packing quite an astrological wallop.  On Wednesday, March 20th, day and night will be equal lengths.  As the sun shifts into the fiery sign of Aries, a full moon will also shine and enter the astrological sign of Libra shortly before the moon reaches peak brightness.  That’s an alignment ripe with magickal possibility.  If you’ve been waiting for a chance to explore a new area of your life, manifest some change, or kick your Work into high gear, then this is a great time for it.

Our own inner guidance, as well as the Powers we serve, encourages us to create positive change both in our lives and in the world around us.  This effort – this focus on deepening, healing, connecting and growing – is considered our magickal Work.  The thing is, there are so many options out there to explore that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Do we focus on environmental stewardship, social justice, divination, spellwork, history, a specific path in the Pagan world?  What if we’re not sure what our Work is?

A Spring Divination for Clarity

Ostara is a time for planning, blessing and planting seeds, both literal and metaphorical.  We are about to watch the world shift from winter sleep to spring awakening, and our spiritual practice can be part of that experience.  This year, I’ve developed a divination spread for clarity on what we should be Working toward manifesting this spring.

This spread can be used with Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Runes, Ogham or any other divination system based on sortilege.

To use The Flowering Seed Spread, sit with your divinatory tools and shuffle or jumble them while considering your path forward this spring.  When you are ready, ask the following questions and make your draws.

1) What area of focus (or seed) is the best choice for me this spring?

2) What do I need to resolve in order to make room for this path?

3) How can I best nurture this seed?

4) What will I harvest?

5) How will that harvest affect me monetarily?

6) How will that harvest affect me mentally?

7) How will that harvest affect my health?

8) How will that harvest affect my emotions?

I find that when I do a reading for myself, it’s useful to record the reading and journal my reaction to it and thoughts around it.  If you choose to mark Ostara with a ritual or ceremony, you can include what you learned in that ritual.

An Ostara Manifestation Ritual for Solitaries and Small Groups

You will need:

~A clear working space – a tabletop or counter
~A slice of bread and cup of beverage-of-choice for each participant
~A bottle of honey with a narrow nozzle, or a bowl of honey and a thin paintbrush
~Your desired Work for spring – the ‘seed’ you wish to plant – condensed into one or two words
~A white or light-colored candle (feel free to use what you have on hand)
~Incense if you would like
~Any Deity figurines you would like to include

Take a bath or shower, or spend a few minutes in a centering meditation to prepare for your ritual.

If you like to cast a circle, do so.  If it is meaningful to you, welcome in the Elements/Quarters and any Deities you wish to include.

Light the candle and incense, if you are using them.  Say, or read silently:

“I stand at a turning point in the year, the pause between darkness and light.  The dreaming Earth begins to stir from sleep, to turn Her face toward the sunlight once more.  As the Earth is my body, so I am the Earth.  The seeds that are planted now are blessed with shining sunlight, bright moonlight, and the turning toward warmer days.”

On your piece of bread, write what you wish to manifest this spring in honey.  If there’s space, you can add some symbols and other decorations.  Hold your piece of bread in your hands and look at the word(s) written there.  Close your eyes, and visualize the end result of what you plan to grow.  Visualize your harvest.  Imagine that visualization traveling down your arms and into that piece of bread and honey.

Say, or read silently:

“Blessed the seed in the full moon’s light
Blessed the balance of day and of night
Blessed the turning of the season’s wheel
With this intention, seed magick I seal
The Earth is my body, turning toward light
The Earth now awakens from dreaming night
The Earth will grow green with springtime’s power
With this seed, my intention will flower”

Eat the slice of bread mindfully, savoring the sweet honey.  As you do, visualize your intention spreading out inside of you, letting the tendrils of that intention find purchase in your body.

When you are finished, snuff the candle, thank and release any Deities you welcomed as well as the Elements/Quarters.  Release your circle if you cast one.

As you move into the season of spring, remember your intention, and the power that lies within you to manifest it.   I wish you a blessed Ostara, and a bountiful growing season.

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