Black Muslim Storytellers Event at NYU

Black Muslim Storytellers Event at NYU February 1, 2019

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Black Muslim Authors: On the tradition of Storytelling, Literature, Representation, & Faith will be an event in honor of Black History Month (February 2019), hosted by a NbA Muslims,  Muslim Girls Read, the Muslim Anti-racism Collaborative and the Islamic Center of New York University.

The event will be a celebration of Black Muslim authors’ contributions to the African American literary canon and their roles in building a faith-based community of authorship that fosters literary diversity and inclusion. The convening will also provide an informative discourse on the challenges and future initiatives of Black Muslim, Muslim and non-Muslim authors within the writing community and the importance of maintaining developing narratives at the intersections of race, faith, and national identity to resist biases stemming from prevailing stereotypes.

There will be panel discussions, book readings by authors of varying social backgrounds, and vendor opportunities. Black Muslim Authors: On the tradition of Storytelling, Literature, Representation, & Faith will be open to the public. Non-Black Authors, educators, students, and community members will be welcomed attendees and participants.


Saturday, February 23rd at 10 am EST


Islamic Center at NYU – GCASL 5th Floor, Grand Hall – 238 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012.

All guests will need an ID to access the building (any picture ID will do).

Vending Opportunities

For more information about table space, contact Umm Juwariyah at

Author Readings

Authors, writers and poets, contact Layla Abdullah-Poulos at for more information about sharing your work with readers.


Muslim Girls Read Media * Muslim Anti-racism Collaborative * The Islamic Center of New York University * NbA Muslims

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