Muslim Writers and Authors 2019 Writing Goals

Muslim Writers and Authors 2019 Writing Goals January 1, 2019

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Muslims are out there producing some fantastic writing in fiction and nonfiction. Authors, contributors, bloggers and academics continue to assert powerful voices in popular culture, and they have their eyes on 2019.

We asked Muslim writers and authors across genres and backgrounds to share their 2019 Writing Goals.

Sakeena Rasheed
Founder – Muslim Writers and Publishers


My writing goals for the new year:

In 2017 I participated in NANOWRIMO. I wrote over 30K words in 30 days. In the book, I talk about the year of my life after my father passed away. It was a deeply emotional journey and I’m grateful to have experienced it. This past year I refined that piece of work, added to it and look forward to publishing it in 2019!

I also have a children’s book series that I started but never completed. The story is about an imaginative Muslim boy and his daily antics. I have fallen in love with the story and characters and look forward to sharing them with my audience this year.

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