Black Muslim Authors Event a Success, Muslims want More!

Black Muslim Authors Event a Success, Muslims want More! March 5, 2019
Three women sitting in separate chairs. The woman on the left is holding a microphone and smiling while the other two look at her.
Umm Juwayriyah (left), Sakeena Rashid (center), Halimah DeOliviera (right) – Image by Khalil Ismail

Original Post – About Islam

NEW YORK – Black Muslim authors and New Yorkers gathered Sunday, February 24, at the New York University’s Islamic Center to discuss Black Muslim literature in a Black History Month event.

The event themed Black Muslim Authors: On the Tradition of Storytelling, Literature, Representation & Faith, is a collaborative effort between NbA Muslims and Muslim Girls read.

Meeting together, Black Muslim Authors opened a space for authors and readers to develop an appreciation for literary creations of African American Muslims, the country’s foundational Muslim group.

Read the entire article – 622 more words.

Black Muslim Authors at NYU – Shoutout Clips

Some notable African American Muslims who could not attend sent in video clips expressing the importance of the Black Muslim Authors event, including:

  • Margari Aziza; program director, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative
  • Robyn Abdusamad, Omera Productions
  • Tariq El-Amin, host; Radio Islam USA and The Black Glue Podcast
  • Nia Dixon, Black Muslim Girl Fly

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