Black Muslim 365 – Avant-Garde Educators

Black Muslim 365 – Avant-Garde Educators March 19, 2019

4 Black Muslim Educators You Should Know

Original Post: About Islam

African American (AA) Muslims represent the foundational Muslim social group in the country. Their histories cut off by enslavement, AA Muslims rediscovered the faith and made it an American religion.

Annually, many American Muslims of varied backgrounds focus on native-born Black American Muslims who continue to make significant societal contributions inside and outside of the American and global Muslim Ummah.

Every February attempts to encapsulate AA Muslim heritage into individual successes infinite social spheres prove futile. One of the country’s largest Muslim groups, it requires expanding attention to Black Muslim achievements and issues affecting them from twenty-eight days to three-hundred, sixty-five.

Black (Muslim) History Month features should serve as a starting point for recognizing and appreciating the Black Muslim experience.

From the early days of the Black Muslim Movement, African American Muslims established and fostered educational spaces. The Muslims featured below continue the tradition of promoting learning and social awareness in sexual health, anti-racism, digital learning and child sexual assault.

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