Black Muslim Renaissance – Celebrating Global Black History

Black Muslim Renaissance – Celebrating Global Black History September 21, 2020

Press Release

In the UK, Black History Month is marked in October with increased attention being paid to Black achievements, events and historical and contemporary personalities. 

But what does Black History Month 2020 have to do with Muslims? 

Quite a lot, as it turns out. 

This summer’s BLM protests against police brutality and racism, in general, shone a light on the experiences of Black people worldwide, including those of Black Muslims. The ensuing media attention led to honest and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations about racism and anti-blackness within the Muslim community itself. 

All these events have culminated in what is to be a truly historic event: the launch of the first online Black Muslim Festival on the 2nd of October 2020, lasting for 4 weeks of Black History Month (UK). 

Award-winning author and speaker, Na’ima B. Robert, has dedicated her community-building skills to putting together a month-long online program featuring 40+ of the Ummah’s greatest Black Muslim scholars, academics, historians, creatives, writers, activists, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

A quick glance at the program ​shows a refreshing variety of topics, formats and audiences, with a mix of panel discussions, seminars, workshops, interactive Q&A sessions, screenings, poetry recital and more. 

This is truly an online event unlike any other, with something to offer every member of the family, Black or not, Muslim or not. The promo video gives a small taste of what is to come! 

The Black Muslim Festival is a celebration of the Black Muslim heritage, culture and experience and serves to not only uplift Muslims of African descent worldwide but to offer an intriguing insight for non-Black audiences. 

Registration is free for selected festival events and attendees may register via the website: 


  • Sign up to attend and support the speakers 
  • Share the event with your audiences via email and social media: 
  • Send an official message of support to the organizers, speakers and audience from your organization 
  • Consider becoming a sponsor to help cover the costs of the festival 
  • Publish a blog or interview to let your audience know about the festival. Contact admin@naimabrobertspeaks.comto request an article write-up, blog post or book an interview 

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