Are You Afraid of the Water?

Are You Afraid of the Water? August 16, 2012

The other day I took my two oldest boys swimming at a local pool. Now, for young boys, a pool should be heaven itself. They’ll play, I’ll get to relax, perhaps catch up on some reading . . . Did I tell you I took my two-year-old swimming? “Swimming” would be a loose term for the drama filled hour-and-a-half we were there.

Shepherd (my two-year-old) refused to get in the water. He’s taken lots of baths before, he’s even swam in pools before, but for some reason he wouldn’t get in the water. (Full disclosure: I’m sure the hot pink floaties I’d just bought for him – only ones available – had nothing to do with his reluctance). He wouldn’t wear floaties, wouldn’t wear a life jacket, wouldn’t even let me hold him while we swam. He was too afraid of the water.

From a logical standpoint, Shepherd had no real reason to be afraid of the water. He had floaties or a lifejacket that would have kept him afloat. He had a loving dad wanting to hold him and keep him safe in the water. But his fear kept him (and me) from having an enjoyable experience at the pool. All he wanted to do was sit on the first step and watch his older brother swim.

Are we like that sometimes? What are we fearful of? What won’t we let our Heavenly Father help us overcome? Have you been so hurt emotionally in the past by others that you won’t allow yourself any true intimacy in your relationships? Is it a leap of faith with your career that you’re too afraid to make? Does the fear of not providing cause you to choose your career over your family?

Perhaps it’s the fear of community. You’ve never really opened your true self to others, so the idea of a Life Group scares you to death. Maybe God’s put someone on your heart that he wants you to share Christ with, but you refuse. Fear can keep us from the life of faith that God wants for us.

Don’t be like my two year old. Don’t allow fear to keep you on the first step watching others live their lives. Our Heavenly Father is out in the deep water, waiting for you to come to him, willing to hold you, wanting you to live a life of faith. Swim to him.

QUESTION: What has fear kept you from in the past? How has God responded to your faith?

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