Creating December 1, 2014

The unifying vision of Mt Vernon Church is creating contagious communities of hope. Over the next week or so I want to flesh out that vision so that more can grab onto it.



The very first word is “creating.” Creating is about intentionality. It’s about us recognizing that our world is broken and sin-infested. Left on it’s own, it’s doomed to despair and destruction. People are walking around in darkness, in ignorance, in hopelessness. As followers of Jesus, we have the answer. We follow God in a world that has forsaken Him.

Creating” is simply the choice to run back into a burning building to see how many more we can save before the whole thing comes down. It’s not comfortable, it’s definitely safer on the outside, but there are still people needing salvation. And so we “create.” We’re intentional about stepping into the void and declaring the truth of Jesus to a dying world.

Creating” is intentionality. Not to simply do church out of a sense of history or tradition, but to tap into our God-given creativity to create irresistible environments that draw people in from all walks of life. It’s the intentionality of teaching timeless truths in creative ways. To give that left hook that no one is expecting to better communicate a truth.

God created. We are made in His image. We have the power to create. We create families, educational systems, forms of government, television shows and the latest technological gadgets. We also create churches, gatherings of local believers committed to doing life together. At Mt Vernon, our local gathering of believers doesn’t meet out of mere habit, tradition or convenience. We meet with a purpose. Why? Because we are creating.

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