Five for Friday (1.9.15)

Five for Friday (1.9.15) January 9, 2015

5Happy Friday everyone! Here are five stimulating articles to keep you thinking through the weekend. Go to church somewhere! Be part of community!

5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit About the Bible – Thought-provoking. Great read!

8 Ways to Stop Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard – great thoughts if you want to join the fight.

Stuart Scott on the Beauty of Community – The world lost an incredible sportscaster this week. Here’s a great quote from his life.

5 Things We (Millennials) Need to Hear at Church – Great words for anyone reaching the next generation!

News Weak – A great rebuttal to the hack n slash article on the Bible printed in Newsweek recently.

"Christ Jesus is God.Christ Jesus created Christianity."

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