The Right Way and the Better Way For Christians to Respond to the Planned Parenthood Videos

The Right Way and the Better Way For Christians to Respond to the Planned Parenthood Videos August 4, 2015

Like you, I’m horrified. Abortion has long been a stain on our national conscience as defenseless babies are murdered for the sake of convenience. For those outraged against the sin of abortion, the Planned Parenthood videos will both shock you and fire you up. Abortion providers casually discussing the murder and dissection of unborn babies for profit. How they can maximize profits by selling the murdered baby parts. Unconscionable.


So what do we do? How do Christians respond to this outrage perpetrated by Planned Parenthood? There are many legitimate responses, but let me focus on two: the right way, and the better way.

The right response is to get angry. Get mad. Be shocked, horrified, outraged. Call somebody. Petition Congress. Picket a clinic. For the mass murder happening, all of those responses are justified. All human life is precious. In one sense even our own justice system knows that, which is why if a pregnant woman is murdered, the accused killer is charged with two homicides, not just one. Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Defend the defenseless. These are the actions that pro-life supporters have been engaging in for years, and they’re all good.

But I would submit that there is a better way, one that moves beyond emotional outrage to tangible action: befriend pregnant mothers in need. That young lady driving herself to Planned Parenthood most likely is conflicted about what she’s considering doing. And yet it seems like the only option because she doesn’t have hope. Be that hope for her. Befriend someone in a crisis situation. Offer hope. If you’re willing to protest outside an abortion clinic, would you be willing to adopt the child of an unwanted pregnancy? Does your resolve go deeper than momentary indignation? Would it last 18 years raising a child?

As Christians, it’s right to be outraged by what we’re seeing. But here’s another step we can take: build bridges of trust with women in need, so that they don’t just hear condemnation after the fact, but they see hope before they have to make that fateful decision.

Of my four beautiful children, two are adopted. Without going into details, abortion was a significant option in one or both of those unplanned pregnancies. Every day I wake up and see those smiling faces, I’m grateful that those moms chose life.

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