Cicada Magic

Cicada Magic June 6, 2021

Photo courtesy of Sagar Vasnani and some royalty free website I closed and them promptly forgot the name of. *screams*

Create sacred space in whatever manner your tradition or intuition deems appropriate. For this ritual, an outdoor setting is ideal. If working indoors, seek out a dark space that reverberates to some degree: a stairwell, an elevator, a basement, a neighbor’s basement, etc. This is most effective when other people are within earshot.

Anoint yourself with mud, dirt, dust, and whatever earthy materials are present. The more the better.

Close your eyes and imagine your skin hardening. In your mind’s eye, feel your hard skin crack and break. Your soft insides take shape, forcing their way from your back astrally, pulling your new legs behind you, leaving only a shell.

When you feel ready, begin screaming.

Continue screaming until the transformation is complete.

So mote it be.

This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever asked me why I don’t put more spells in my books. You’re welcome.

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