Is There A Way To Peace: Peace Is The Way

Is There A Way To Peace: Peace Is The Way July 7, 2024

 Peace is the Way

Peace is a continuous wish.

We wish for it between countries, people and within ourselves.

It cannot just be a wish it must be the manner of our being.

Peace must drive our ideas,, our creations, the form of the world.


Peace is Between Individuals as Well

We hear about  activists who strive to end wars.

That is a wonderful cause.

I don’t think there is any other option.

However, one should not forget the importance of peace between individuals as well.

You can’t stand on a street begging for a war to end and at the same time be violent with another human being.


Peace is not about being individually right, rather finding a joint right.

When I was younger, I was a bit stubborn.

In earlier years, being right had a great importance.

Today, I don’t have a need to be right or for that matter to prove it.

But I do strive to walk a path of a joint right when confrontation occurs.

Peace is not about being individually right, rather finding a joint right.



The One That Our Soul Yearns For

And then there is the inner peace.

The one that our soul yearns for.

I know for me; it is a constant place of learning.

But one that allows my spirit to feel life in a profound way.


People in Auditorium with Lit Phones
Conference for Peace in Israel Haaretz Newspaper


Peace needs to be at every entrance and every exit.

These past 9 months have brought much trauma to the world of peace for Israel and Gaza.

At times holding peace for me was too heavy, to hard.

So, I asked others to hold onto it.

Yonatan Zeigen was one of them.

Until my heart and soul would get stronger to hold it again.

And here I am.

I wait for the 120 hostages to return home to their loved ones

In between the moments of sorrow and hope, I hold more of peace on my way.

The Hebrew word Shalom means Hello, Goodbye and Peace.

Peace needs to be at every entrance and every exit.



I am creator of the “Morning Inspiration” series, which provides readers with reflections and thoughts to start their day with spiritual inspiration.

 If you feel the calling to receive it you can do so here

You can listen to the new song  I wrote HEYJOY, sung and composed by Shira.

This song is dedicated to Vivian Silver, who dedicated her life to Peace    She  was a victim of  the Kibbutz Beer’i attack on Oct 7th



About Susan P. Lax
When one of Susan’s closest friends was fighting cancer and had to focus on trying to heal, they didn’t speak as often as they once did. To make sure Stephanie knew that Susan was always thinking of her each day, Susan emailed her friend a healing, positive thought first thing in the morning. Slowly, Susan discovered an ability to translate her heart words into written ones and more and more people began to receive Susan’s “Morning Inspiration” which is from where her book, A HEART’S LANDSCAPE, derived. Right now, especially with all happening in the world, Susan offers deep reminders with words and warm visuals – to take a moment and just pause – get away from the inundation and put the chaos away. Susan’s heart words and inspiring visuals guide readers to take a moment and escape all adversity and focus on carving out one joyful moment with the hope that it will lead to other good moments. You can read more about the author here.
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