Links: The Best in Catholic Media This Week

Links: The Best in Catholic Media This Week May 1, 2021

Reporting on the Catholic matters

Church Militant founder may face legal reckoning for defamation (National Catholic Reporter)

Support of Trump within church has driven some Catholics to the exits (National Catholic Reporter)

Catholic Perspectives

A post-Covid world, and taking on the mind of Christ (Our Sunday Visitor)

Can masculine genius be a thing? (Our Sunday Visitor)

On difficult issues, think critically – and think with the Church (Our Sunday Visitor)

Were some saints mentally ill, or holy, or both? (National Catholic Reporter)

Why this priest decided to unplug (National Catholic Reporter)

Racial Justice

A cop pulled me over when I was a Catholic seminarian for driving while Black. Thank God I was with white friends. (America)

We need more from Catholic bishops than a mixed response to racism (Religion News Service)

Catholic coverage and commentary of President Biden’s Speech to Joint Session of Congress

‘America is on the move again’ Biden says in address to nation (Catholic News Service)

Was Joe Biden preaching Catholic social teaching to the Congress last night? Supporters think so. (America)

Catholics grade the second Catholic president 100 days in (America)

Biden’s speech: Government focused on the common good is back (National Catholic Reporter)

100 Days of Disappointments (National Catholic Register)

Joe Biden’s First 100 Days: Scandalous Actions on Abortion from Our Second Catholic President (Catherine Hadro, National Catholic Register

Two 100-day milestones, two very different Catholic conversations (Crux)

Joe Biden and Communion

Villanova conference elevates calls for Biden to be denied Communion (National Catholic Reporter)


Several Catholic colleges will require COVID-19 vaccinations in the fall (Catholic News Service)

Religious sisters seek to fight the pandemic, and look towards post-COVID world (Crux)

Vatican tackles psychological fallout from Covid pandemic (Crux)

Foreign coverage

Patients are dying in front of my eyes,” says India hospital director (Catholic News Service)

‘Pray for the people of India’: a country suffering ‘unimaginable’ Covid-19 outbreak

Nuncio tells besieged Mexicans “The Church is with You.” (Catholic News Service)

Truth about shooting will help diocese in South Sudan, bishop-designate says (Catholic News Service)

Unwelcomed: Refugee recounts struggle to reunite with family (Catholic News Service)


Biden’s misstep on refugee cap reveals complexity of migration debate (National Catholic Reporter)

However humble, colonia feels like home for these migrants (Crux)

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