May 26, 2020

“What we did with Norma was highly unethical. The jig is up.” That eye-opening comment from evangelical minister Rob Schenck in the new FX documentary, “AKA Jane Roe,” marks a dramatic final revelation in the story of Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe V. Wade, the case that led to the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing abortion in 1973. Claiming to have undergone a pro-life conversion in the mid-1990s, McCorvey was held up for years by pro-life leaders as a dramatic example… Read more

April 11, 2020

There may well have been too much reasonable doubt to sustain Cardinal George Pell’s conviction. The problem is we have to take the Australian high court’s word for it. Read more

April 3, 2020

You can tell a lot about a person based on how they understand God. Whether they see Him as Abba, the loving father of Jesus Christ, or the severe taskmaster that many still believe the God of the Old Testament to be, will shade the spiritual lens that people use to make sense of the world, especially when tragedies come and pandemics hit. I think of the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, the political-religious culture warrior who saw God’s vengeance in… Read more

March 25, 2020

I had a great squad leader when I was a young U.S. Army infantryman. In many ways, he was the model non-commissioned officer. Competent. Professional. Tough, but fair. He treated his soldiers with respect, and could even cut up with us when we were all out in the field. But if he felt that you were goofing off or not taking your job seriously, he knew what to say to get your attention. “Stop f—— around.” That Army Staff Sergeant,… Read more

February 21, 2020

I recently wrote a collection of personal vignettes from people I interviewed who described how regular Eucharistic Adoration had changed their lives. Some described receiving consolations, having their faith renewed or strengthened, and being aided in their struggles with mental health. One person I spoke with let his guard down a little and shared how his weekly Holy Hours before the Blessed Sacrament had helped him to overcome an addiction to pornography several years earlier. I thought nothing more of… Read more

January 17, 2020

It was one of those ridiculous fake scandals you knew was going to be jumped on by the usual critics on Twitter. When Pope Francis, while walking in St. Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve, reacted in anger to a pilgrim who grabbed and yanked his arm from behind, the world saw the Vicar of Christ in an unflattering light. He scolded the woman and smacked her hand when she wouldn’t let go. The Francis haters howled. “The mask is… Read more

January 16, 2020

  First things first; Happy 2020 everyone! I took a couple of weeks off from writing and blogging to begin the new year and recharge. I’m back today with a letter I received from a woman I know who is a regular adorer of the Blessed Sacrament. Every week, she does a Holy Hour at Our Lady’s Chapel in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She wrote me this letter around the time that I was working on a Faith feature story for… Read more

December 31, 2019

Every month, I’m fortunate that I get to explore an important topical issue in depth for Our Sunday Visitor. In 2019, I had the opportunity to write a primer on the Church’s social teachings on migration, a piece on what missionary work around the world looks like today, a look at what the virgin martyrs really teach us and a serious presentation on the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, among others. In the coming months, I’ll have “In Focus”… Read more

December 29, 2019

“Can someone be uncanonized? Asking for a friend.” A Twitter follower asked that question in jest. But enough people have seriously asked me that – the answer is no, by the way – that it has me thinking about sainthood, the canonization process, sanctity, the universal call to holiness and what it means when we talk about Christian perfection. There are many misconceptions about what a saint is and isn’t. To put in succinctly, a saint is someone who exhibited… Read more

December 27, 2019

Over the next several days, I’ll be posting links to some of the in-depth Catholic news stories I wrote this year for Our Sunday Visitor. In 2019, I wrote several articles on bishops’ accountability for their handling of the clergy sex abuse crises. I interviewed bishops on their plans to restore trust, especially if they followed in the heels of disgraced predecessors who resigned amidst allegations that they had mishandled abuse cases. I also spoke with lay Catholics who shared… Read more

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