Your Life Doesn’t Have to Suck

Your Life Doesn’t Have to Suck September 29, 2012

Yes, we hope you read our new book, This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling.

But it’s more important that you you live it.

One of the best parts of our book (and our life) is living Amazing Days. We try to notice or do something Amazing every day. It can be simple like noticing a sunset or it can be extreme like quitting a job, talking to someone about Jesus or hugging a guy living on the street. It’s a fun and faith-filled way to live life.

And you’re invited!

We’re declaring October to be “31 Amazing Days.” Get out your bucket list, watch for opportunities, and live Amazing Days. Your amazing days might include:

  • Going without electricity for 24 hours
  • Picking up an old hobby
  • Skipping something (or skipping down the sidewalk)
  • Sending a thank you card to your favorite elementary school teacher
  • Fasting
  • Picking up some litter
  • Throwing the biggest party of your life

In honor of my birthday (and at my stern request), some of our friends joined in last week. See some of their Amazing Days.

And after you live an Amazing Day, tell the other Ordinary Adventurers about them:

Take a picture, make a video, or just write a sentence and post it on our Facebook page.  

Seriously? Why would I do this?

1.     It’s heaps of fun.

2.     An excuse to do things you’ve always wanted to do (or that you’ve known you should do).

3.     We’re also giving away a copy of This Ordinary Adventure every day in October! Just fill out this form to enter.

4.     You could also win one of two grand-prizes (winner decided by an esteemed jury), including:

  • an autographed copy of This Ordinary Adventure
  • a bundle of related IVP books (and they’ll be amazing!)
  • a $50 gift card to (so you can help make someone else’s day amazing, too)

So start living Amazing Days and share them.

And get ideas for more Amazing Days from other Ordinary Adventurers here on the blog and over on the Facebook page!

Life doesn’t have to suck.

What Amazing Days are you going to live in October?


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