The 31 Amazing Days Challenge

The 31 Amazing Days Challenge October 1, 2012

Today, we got some friends together to do something Amazing. And we want you to join us.

We’re dissatisfied with our normal lives, the status quo, and Super PAC ads. (OK, I just thought of the Super PACs right now. But seriously…)

So we decided to live a whole month dripping in awesome sauce.

Like we explain in This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling, we roll through life by trying to notice the amazing in each day. It might be something fun and silly, or it might be something epic, with eternal significance. And we try to make more of the good stuff happen.

We try to live Amazing Days. 

And we’re doing it with a bunch of friends this month.

We started today. By dinner time, about a hundred people had traded plain ol’ October for 31 Amazing Days. We’ve got a good group of “Ordinary Adventurers”!

Stories are already rolling in on the Facebook page.

And others are posting on #31AmazingDays on Twitter:

Mike shared about faith with others.

Zanne visited older folks at a nursing home.

Brittany kept her phone off.

Jared started a new job.

Kat worked in her garden.

Holly planned a bunch of fun stuff to do with her kids.

Mic painted.

Lillie tried to choose her words carefully.

Kasie fought tears as she dropped of her child at preschool.

Ramon took photos. And so did Kyle.

Carol mobilized others to do good in their community.

One couple went on a walk with five pets.

Lauren left to help folks in hard situations in Guatemala.

Michael rested for a day.

Darlene made some art in a convenience store.

John got surprised by some great customer service at a lumber yard.

Holly and her sister dressed alike.

Lisa Skyped with her dad in Nigeria.

Bailey exercised.

A couple people slept a bit extra.

And Jody asked her family and friends to join her in the 31 Amazing Days challenge.

Jody’s onto something. When we ask others to share Amazing Days, we get to live them, too! It’s like we need an excuse or something.

So go ask some people to join you for 31 Amazing Days. Now.

This list also shows me that others give me a lot of good ideas of Amazing Days, of ways I’d like to be living—of ways I should be living.

So see what Amazing Days other people are living, in the Facebook community. Don’t forget to click the red “31” near the top to register to win a book each day when you post the story of your Amazing Day!

Tell the stories of your Amazing Days well. Post a picture or a video if you can. The other Ordinary Adventurers need to see what you’re up to.

If nothing else, this will help us forget the super PACs for a while…

So what are you going to do?

Leave a comment.

And then go do it.

It’s going to be an Amazing month.



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